Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bunny Start

I got eager to start this piece from Farm Babies by Stoney Creek. I seem to love those Stoney Creek Patterns don't I? I love this piece. There is a lot of white on white so I'm doing the white first to get it over and done with. White on white is not easy to work with and harder to take out if there is an error. Fortunately I haven't made too many errors. This one I'm doing for Cross Stitchers for Charity. The squares will all be pieces from this book.
I have made quite a bit of progress on the butterfly piece too. The one butterfly is completely done and the first leaf is almost done. I just laid it down for a couple of days as I hit a snag, and when I do that it's best if I just lay it down for a couple of days then go back to it and it goes smooth again.
Did you see the new templates Blogger has. I love them. I had a hard time choosing but in the end chose this as it reminds me of beach sand. And in the summer I love to go to the beach a lot. There are a lot of lakes around here plus Lake Michigan. Usually we go to Lake Michigan and walk on the trails. I love it. Only now the friend I walk with can't walk right now as she injured her foot so until it heals I'll just do my own walking around here or the exercises. I found a new exercise program on TV that I really liked though I didn't buy the program I memorized the different steps. It's a workout believe me. With my asthsma I'm puffing 5 minutes later so I just do it 5 minutes 2 or 3 times a day, and walk a lot. (Living on the upper level of the apartment doesn't hurt either I'm up and down those steps a dozen times a day it seems like sometimes.
Today my brother and sister in law are moving after living in their house about 24 years, and raising all 3 children in it (2 were born while they lived there). They decided to downsize. They are moving closer to the Lake which will be nice. It's a 3 bedroom house so when Johnny and Katelyn sleep over they can. Johnny saw them take down his bed in the room he slept in and was a little unhappy as he didn't know where he would sleep. But he'll love his new room at the new house. Katelyn is only 3 months old now and is growing. She's getting so cute!
Thank you to everyone who reads my blogs and thank you for the comments. I don't get a lot of comments but I do appreciate them. I really appreciate the fact people come back and read my blogs from time to time.
Well...until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Beth said...

I commend you for stitching so much white on white - I can hardly stand to do that. Also, as an asthma patient, I am impressed with your climbing of the stairs, I really don't do that very well!! I think the bunnies are going to be cute!

Tama said...

I don't usually post, just lurk, but I wanted to say your stitching is lovely - and I really like this bunny piece so far :D

Meari said...

Nice progress on the bunny. I have asthma too. The dr told me to take the inhaler about 15 minutes before exercising to prevent an attack. Maybe that will help you?