Friday, June 21, 2013

Carousel Horse

Oh this one is so much fun to do. I can almost see and hear the carousel in my mind. It takes me back to when we use to go to the carnival and all the fun we would have. The pretty animals on the carousel and the music it played. All a part of summer. This one has a lot more color than I like, but it's so much fun to do and is moving really fast. This is after only 15 hours of stitching, so it'll be done in no time. I received my LHN Mystery Sampler in the mail the other day, at least the first part of it. I'm anxious to start it. Anyone else have their's yet and want to do it as a SAL? I'd love to do this one as one. The end of June and it brings a lot of birthdays. My great nephew, Richard turned 10 earlier this week, today is my niece, Heather's, birthday, tomorrow is my niece-in-law, Elaina's, birthday, Monday is Heather's little boy, Nolan's birthday and next Saturday is my great nephew Chase's birthday. So that's a lot of birthday's in a short time, oh and my nephew's step daughter will be 5 in there somewhere, coming up. Nolan and Chase will be 2 years old. Well....until next time. Happy Stitching. There is a storm coming in so I'm going to need to shut down the computer. Wonder if Saturn will give me back my stitching chair. Hmmmm....

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