Saturday, June 15, 2013

Florida Lighthouse

Good afternoon! I am a seasonal stitcher and I love doing beach scenes and this one I really am enjoying. It'll probably be done quicker than I thing though. I left the Lighthouse to do the trees as I knew they would be more challenging. They went easier than I thought they would thought. Growing up on the shores of Lake Michigan we use to go down there every week in the summer and the lighthouse was the star attraction. We would walk the pier, and go swimming etc. We loved Lake Michigan. Even today when family and friends we grew up with that moved away, have to go to Lake Michigan with each visit because of all the great memories we have of each other and the times we spent there. Tomorrow being Father's Day, we are going to my brother's for a late dinner. We usually don't make a big deal of Mother's or Father's Day. Our parents just wanted a card and a phone call, but now they are getting older we try to do something special on those days, as to be honest, we don't know how many more special days we'll have with them. Mom is 80 and Dad 84 and both have Congestive Heart Failure and other health issues. Well....until next time. Happy Stitching!

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