Saturday, June 01, 2013

I know the picture is a little crooked. Sorry I'll do better next time. But this piece is really moving along. Once U get the Alamo done, the rest will go quickly. We have been very fortunate in missing out on the storms. However I can't help but feel for those in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri. My brother and his family all live in St. Louis area, and while they got the tornadoes, they came through them okay. Some property damages but their homes made it through and they made it through. So did my sister and her husband the other night. Six different tornadoes went through their area but they came out alright. Well, until next time Happy Stitching. One of these days I'll have a lot to say.


Debbie said...

You're making great progress on this Western piece.

We've been following the news coverage of the tornados. Sure hope things improve soon for so many folks.

Have a good weekend!

Carol said...

Such a fun piece, Barb! So glad to hear your family is safe... It is just heartbreaking to watch the news and see all the damage done and lives lost in the midwest.

Simply Victoria said...

Nice progress!