Monday, March 17, 2014

Another piece for Turkey Trot

Can you tell I'm excited about this Turkey Trot. It just entreats me, plus will make me finish some pieces I started years ago. Although I am not officially a member of the Turkey Trot since I can't seem to add my name to the list, I'm doing it on my own and just letting the members know I'm doing it. I'll post my progress on 10th of month. This piece really I'm sort of cheating as it's one of the pieces my friend from church gave me half done because of her eyesight. (She also was the one that gave me Amazing Grace piece.)

This piece I'm working on in the afternoons, and in the morning I'm working on USS Arizona Memorial. That one the colors aren't so interesting. I'll post progress in a few days. It's coming along well, but just so much white and boring. So it's been done along side of a more colorful pattern.

I'm in the mood to get some spring cleaning done. My sister bought me a Shark cleaner a while back, so I got that out today, and tomorrow I'll put it to use on the kitchen and maybe the bathroom. One of those two rooms anyway.

Spring is just a few days away and yes the weather is getting warmer well 20's and 30's are warmer than what we were. We'll hit 40 a few days in the forecast, then it'll be 30's again. The snow is melting very slowly. The snowbanks are about my height now so they are shrinking. Thing is we don't want a big warm up or we'll have flooding problems, so we're not complaining about this. We just complain when it snows.

Dancing with the Stars starts tonight! Hooray. I can't wait. This time they have a good cast.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!


Linda said...

Oh Barb you so made my day. It's Turtle Trot. I'm still laughing. Love this piece your working on. Send you an email about Turtle Trot.


Mary Ann said...

Very pretty piece you are working on!