Monday, March 10, 2014

Minnie Mouse Start

Good afternoon. This Minnie mouse will go on a quilt for a lady we are doing at Caring Stitchers. She likes baking, Nascar racing and Disney. So I am doing this Minnie Mouse. I may possibly do a food square for her a little later we'll see.

It seems so nice to have the weather warming up. Most of the week will be 30's or upper 20's. Today is 40's and later in week it'll be 40's one day anyway. So our snow is slowly melting. Well I guess Wed. and Thurs. are suppose to be record cold. We don't want a big warm up or we'll have a flood problem as we have over 16 inches of snow on the ground even after some melting. Mar. is an up and down month as far as weather goes and this Mar. is no exception.

Tomorrow my sister is coming back into town for a couple of days. Later she is going to Hawaii. Her and her husband have been planning this trip for their 40th anniversary. They didn't get to last fall so they are now.

Oh, I almost forgot....I changed browser's because my other browser was terrible after I upgraded it. I love this one, I can open my mail with no problem, come here and post with no problem, and go to my Yahoo groups with no problems. Only two problems I can't play Jigsaws on Facebook anymore (or any game) and I can't go to my dashboard here, so I just go through my blog roll and pick some blogs to read, I try to catch those I know post regularly. I wish I could figure out how to update my blog roll. Some have not posted in over 2 years, 3 or 4 have died unfortunately, so I'd like to delete some but add others. Anyone know how I can get to my blog roll please tell me. Thank you. (See I lost my bookmarks when I changed browsers but have no problem getting to my sites.)

Well....until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Linda said...

I love Minnie Barb. Where are you getting all your great charts.


Mary Ann said...

Minnie is looking very cute! On editing your blog roll, you need to be signed in to your blog/account. Underneath/to the side of the last blog roll entry there should be a little icon that looks like a wrench and screwdriver. If you click on that, it should let you edit your blog roll. That's how mine works, but it may not be the same if you have a different browser. Hope this helps?

Carol said...

Minnie is such an adorable WIP, Barb... I know it will be a welcome addition to the quilt.

Crazy weather here, too--today it is in the mid-50s and tomorrow we're due for more snow!! I guess that is March for you :)

Mary Ann's tip should help you edit your blog roll. Just make sure to save your changes after you have deleted or added blogs. Good luck!

Meari said...

Your latest WIP looks adorable, Barb.

It warmed up here, too. But, tonight we're supposed to get 2-4". Ugh. I've developed a cold with a nasty sounding cough.