Monday, March 24, 2014

Strengthen Me (Phil. 4:19)

Good Morning. This is #10 for Turtle Trot. We are doing this at one of the groups I'm in. This piece is in memory of my dad as this was his favorite verse. Now I have all 10 pieces selected and started, I can just keep on stitching one of them to the finish. So I think my next post will have a finish.

Yesterday we had a big pancake breakfast at church. We had pancakes, scramble eggs, sausage, and sausage and gravy over a biscuit. I had never had sausage and gravy over a biscuit, but I tried it yesterday and it was really good. I probably ate a bigger breakfast than I ever ate before as I had one helping of each. I didn't eat again until 6 last night and that was a light supper.

Also we will be getting an Interm Pastor I think. The speaker yesterday told us we would be voting on him in a couple of weeks for Interm Pastor. I hope he goes through, I think he will. He's someone the church knows fairly well, he's spoken at our church many times through the years.

Our weather is a little on the cool side yet. We'll have a day or two where we get 40 but then drop back into the 20's. It does melt the snow slowly so we don't have a flooding problem. And the snow has melted quite abit. Some spots we even see small patches of grass. (I forgot what grass looks like...haven't seen it since Nov.!) The snowbanks are now about my height so they are down quite a big. This week each day is suppose to get a degree or two higher then end of week (Friday) it is suppose to hit 50! and then drop into 30's. Maybe after tomorrow we will be done with the 20's. After all it is heading into April time for spring to come.

Well....until next time....Happy Stitching!


Von said...

I hope this interim pastor works out for your church. It's tough to be without a pastor for a length of time.

Mary Ann said...

I lovely start on the piece in memory of your dad.