Sunday, March 30, 2014

You Are My Sunshine

This is one of the kits my friend from church gave me. It's actually done on Plastic Canvas as a wind chime, but I'm doing it as a quilt square on aida cloth. I've got it going good now so I've gone back to stitching on America and will do this in the afternoons.

It looks like Spring has finally sprung! Granted we still have quite a bit of snow on the ground but it's melting slowly. On my deck the snow was almost as high as the railings, now it's one small strip and probably will be gone today, tomorrow for sure. Probably most of the snow on the ground will be gone later this week, just the snowbanks will remain. Well that's my prediction anyway. This week I am going to get serious about spring cleaning. I'm in the mood for it.

Yesterday we had a baby shower for or our former Pastor and wife. They just recently adopted a baby boy. We were so happy for them as they've wanted a baby for so long and finally got one. You'd never know he was adopted as he looks so much like her. They got a lot of cute clothes for him.

Speaking of babies, I keep forgetting to post my nephew and his wife had a baby girl, Friday, Mar. 21. Her name is Aubrielle Grace (Aubrey for short). Not sure I like the name but it will grow on me. This is their 2nd child. They have a son, Wyatt who is 3 and is adapting very well to the baby. He'll be a great big brother.

For a couple of days I was really worried about Saturn. He was sneezing and just wasn't acting like himself, although he did eat and drink good. But today he seems much better and back to normal. He even is more of a pest today than usual. I tried to stitch on America earlier this morning and he sat right on it, and made me pet him and talk to him. He was so cute!
Well....until next time.....Happy Stitching.


Mary Ann said...

This looks like a nice new start!

Carol said...

That is a perfect piece to be stitching now that the weather is getting better, Barb! That sure sounds like a huge amount of snow you had...

Lots of babies in your life--what a blessing for the families. I'm sure you enjoy holding them whenever you get the chance :)