Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Back to stitching on America

Good afternoon! It seems nice to see some sun today. We are in the 20's today and most of the week will be 20's and 30's much better then what we've had. Also not that much snow in the forecast so maybe some of this will melt. It's warm enough to melt some but not too fast. They say March comes in like a lion out like a lamb, comes in like a lamb out with like a lion. Well it came roaring in like and lion! Everyone is so sick of this winter even those who like winter are sick of it. My cat is a happy cat too, he's running around here playing with his ball, even he says it's nice to see the sun more.

I have gone back to stitching on America. I was so sick of winter I didn't want to work on the ice skater anymore until next winter. I was anxious to get back to this piece. You can see the Statue of Liberty come to life more and more. Almost getting too long for one scan now. Page two is almost done. I really am enjoying this piece but there is so much confetti stitching. I like challenges though. The only problem with that much confetti stitching is it makes the back bulky, and will be harder for the framer of frame.

Our group leader and I were to provide something to eat today after Bible Study. I said I'd bring my pizza casserole. I kept changing my mind between that and 7 layer bars. I finally decided on pizza casserole because I had all the ingredients and didn't know if I'd get to the store. Well I got to the store fine and spent way too much on groceries because I bought for 3 different meals for today and I'd have everything I needed for whatever I decided. I really really really wish I would have just stuck to the 7 layer bars. I made the pizza casserole fine. But when I went to put it in the refrigerator to save it for today it all landed on the floor! I was sooooo upset. I scooped it up but I couldn't bring it today! I couldn't do that. So I made Hodgepodge soup and hoped and prayed the ladies would like it. I wasn't too confidant with the soup as I had never made it for anyone but me before, and just put in it what I want. It went over real well. The ladies loved it some went back for 2nd and 3rd helpings. I had a big crock pot full of it, and went home with maybe enough for lunch tomorrow..

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!


Linda said...

Great progress Barb. The pizza casserole and hodgepodge soup both sound delicious.


Mary Ann said...

Your America piece is looking very nice!

Justine said...

Stunning piece and great stitching.

Carol said...

Such a wonderful sight to see this WIP grow, Barb... Your weather sounds just like ours--winter HAS to end some time, right?!

Glad your soup saved the day! It sounds perfect for this cold weather :)