Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Busy few days

I haven't been around much lately mostly because it's been busy here. Finally today I get to stay home until tonight so I can go see more blogs. I don't have an update on The Teacher as I haven't stitched that much on it. I am working on the boy's face and hair and taking me forever. I hate doing faces and hair and that is always the hardest and slowest part of the piece for me. Do you have a part that consistently slows you down?

Recently I have discovered a few blogs from Finland which excited me as my dad's family is from there. We don't know a lot about my dad's family except by some articles and pictures we found in our Family Bible which my brother has now. It's totally in Finnish. I don't speak Finnish but can figure little things out and really enjoyed seeing the stitching on these blogs. My dad's family came from Western Finland in a seaside town. (No wonder we love fish!) I have enjoyed everyone's blogs I've seen so far and bookmarked quite a few. I could spend hours here easily just browsing through all the Cross Stitch blogs and some of the animal ones.

Yesterday I went out for breakfast with some friends. We go once a month but because of the weather yesterday, we only had 4 of us show up, usually we have about 12 show up. There was "black ice" yesterday morning so that may have scared the older ladies away.

My sister is coming to town tomorrow from the other side of the state. She has to work tonight so will be here late tomorrow. I'll see her Friday, and we'll probably go shopping. I need some winter clothes and need gloves. My winter clothes are getting old. We were at Kohls lst week and I complained about the prices the whole time. Two days later was a sale but didn't make it out there then. There is another sale starting tomorrow so we'll go again Friday. And although it's only October, we've had quite a bit of snow.

Well that's it for now. I'll try to post a picture of The Teacher tomorrow or over the weekend. Until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Arthemise said...

I love doing the faces because I like seeing the finished piece. For me it's the borders that seem to take forever. I try to do them first while I'm still excited about the piece.

Stitchingnow said...

Hope you have fun with your sis. I will too be visiting my sis on friday but she is a few states away.

Barbara said...

I really like the traditional Finnish cross stitch designs. How neat that you have roots there!