Sunday, October 15, 2006

Go Tigers

Okay I'm not a big sports fan but I am caught up in Tigermania and let the Tigers roar into the World Series. It's been a long time since Michigan could really brag about any of their sports teams. Well maybe Red Wings but I am NOT a Hockey fan. Since my brother and his family live in St. Louis I think it would be nice to have the Cardinals go against the Tigers.
On the stitching front The Teacher is going like gangbusters. I also am pulling the thread out to finish up Bath Time before I lose the Color key again. By finishing up Bath Time that gives Deb a chance to catch up to me on The Teacher. We are doing it as a SAL (no she doesn't have a blog here as far as I know anyway). She didn't get to start until yesterday so I'll be nice and slow down. Besides I could use the break.
Thank you for your comments to my Welcome Friends piece. I was starting to feel like not too many people were reading my blog and what was the use as I really wasn't getting many comments like other sites were. I saw my blog on a few blog rolls and that excited me. I can't complain about not being on too many blog rolls because I haven't even figured out how to post a blog roll. But there are several that would go on if I could. I really enjoy reading everyone's blogs and am spending far too much time here!

How is everyone doing on the 10, 25, 50 challenge. I only have 4 projects done. I have a long ways to go. My finished projects are
1. Always Room for 1 more. Precious Moments piece
2. Boo (Ghost and Pumpkin done on black aida)
3. Teddy Bear & Pumpkins (also Halloween piece)
4. Serenity Heart for a little girl at Love quilts.
My two WIP's are
1. The Teacher by Butternut Road
2. Perhaps I should Retire (PM piece done on blue aida for Cross Stitchers for Charity)
UFO's I plan to finish up
1. Bath Time by Bessie Pease Guzman
2. Christmas Wish by Sue Hillis
3. Santa and the Forest by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum
4. Rhapsody in Blue by Four Oaks Designs
5. Light Of Peace by Thomas Kinkade
Pieces I plan to do
1. Angel piece for girl at Love Quilts
2. Eiffel Tower for Love Quilts
3. Sunset over Miami
4-10 5 Winnie the Pooh (Eyore, Piglet, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh and I forgot the other one) cicrling around a birth announcement to be done for my niece expecting her first child. Her mother will make it into a wall hanging.
Those are it for sure. Well enough for now. Until next time. Happy Stitching


BeckySC said...

Hi Barb :)
Sorry you felt nobody was reading...I am sure lot's are-but sometimes they just don't leave comments (I try to leave a comment on everyone's blog that visits mine-but sometimes time gets in the way :) ) you know-kinda like that lurking thing people do on BB"s :) Anyway-I am able to see when you have updated now as I have switched from Blogrolling (which no longer works) to Google Reader and I love it. I don't have the list of blogs on my BB any longer-but I do have them on my desktop with google reader and when you update-I'll be visitng :)

Can't wait to see your progress on Bath Time :) Glad you found a SAL buddy :)

Have a great day!

Kendra said...

Sometimes it takes a while for people to find your blog. What helps is to read other people's blogs and leave comments...most people will then reciprocate and start reading yours! That's how I added you to my list. :-)

And like the previous comment mentioned...people will often read and just not comment. So don't let a lack of comments discourage you! I can have several comments on one entry, then another one will get no comments.

You're making good progress on your challenge!

Wendy said...

Hi Barb~ Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment! Don't feel people are not reading, lots read and don't have the time or whatever to leave a comment. If you want to try Blogroll, just click on the the name itself after someone's blogroll list and you can set yourself up. Its not great for updates, but I like being able to easily click away and visit my favourites!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Hi Barb,
The piece for your mom is so pretty. What a lovely welcome for all her guests.
Great that you have a SAL partner for Bath Time. It's so much more fun to do a project with someone don't you think?
Love The Teacher and I'm looking forward to updates on your WIP's.

AnneS said...

Ditto to what everyone else has been saying ... just because people don't always leave comments doesn't mean they're not reading :) But the important thing, too, is to enjoy the process - I blog as much for myself as for anyone else, and it doesn't really bother me if no-one comments ... but then again, when people do it does feel great ;)

Lili said...

Hi Barb!
I'm very late in my blog reading, mostly because I haven't been up to it lately...
But I've just read that you were getting discouraged because you didn't get many comments and I wanted to tell you that you're on the right way: on my usual blogs, I've been able to read your kind comments very often and they will have a snowball effect. I always bookmark the people who comment and comment in return, because I love comments and I assume that my commenters love them as well. lol... (and I am very bad at maintaining my blog rolling which is completely outdated...). Apart from that, I've experienced a counter, and that has shown me this: out of 10 people who read my blog, about one will comment. Meaning that no comment doesn't mean that people don't read you.

Now, to the stitching part: your teacher is a very lovely project and it's a treat to see her develop! And all the projects you have listed, either ufos, wips or projects, are a clear incitement for me to come back.
Lots of hugs, Barb!

Myrna said...

Hey Barb!!

Go Tigers!!! We were at a toss up the other day on whether to watch the Tigers win, or MSU lose. I told DH 'let's watch the Tigers win!' It's always crazy around here when MSU has a home game.

I used to feel that no-one was reading my blog. But, then decided that if they didn't, they were missing out on good stuff! LOL I try to comment when I read, but, sometimes just don't have the time. I've cyber-met some wonderful stitchers thru my blog...

Hang in there sweetie!!