Saturday, October 07, 2006

I did not fall off the wagon

I ordered a couple of things from The Stitchery Today. One was an angel and a lamb which is out of stock but will be in mid month. The other was a kitten and a dog about Friends. I plan to stitch the Angel and Lamb for the Nursery at our church. I think those little ones would love that. It will take a while to stitch up but I will do it. The other piece I'll stitch up for a friend. Now to get back to stitching on The Teacher. When I have it further along I'll get a picture of it. On the side I'm doing a Precious Moments piece of a little boy changing a car tire. As usual once I get pasts the face and hair it should be smoothe sailing. For some reason I do not like doing the face and hair that is the hardest part of the piece for me. I found it to be true on the PM piece and finding it true on The Teacher. Anyone else have the same problem?
For some reason I am having a problem with my camera shutter. It doesn't always open all the way. I thought it was the batteries at first but I changed the batteries, that wasn't the problme. I had my brother look at it today and he said sometimes it will cooperate and open all the way other times it won't. Oh well.... That makes me want to get a new scanner but not yet. Not until after the first of the year.
I got my new glasses today so I can see the stitching better. I can't believe they make that much of a difference but they did. I even can distinguish between some symbols. Well I'm going back to stitching and pestering Whiskers. Happy Stitching Everyone.

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Barbara said...

My old digital camera had that problem too and I finally had to replace it. :(