Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Whiskers

Today he is 14 years old. I'm not sure today is his exact date of birth. I got him when he was about 10 weeks old. Vet figured he was born around middle of Oct. So I just made Oct. 12 his birthday.
Last night we had Adventure Club again. I just love working with the children. This year we have a pretty good group of kids. I just wish we had more kids as this is such a great outreach program. Last night the Gospel was clearly given like my brother said about 3/4 of the children went forward. Sometimes I think they do because their friends do. The little girl I dealt with just wanted to pray about a problem she had. Tonight our elders meet about the Food Pantry I am hoping to get going. To start we will only have it for people in our church, plus those who are in Teens, Adventure Club and Life Points Programs if their is a need for food. We are going to allow walk-ins as we feel the need to outreach but we want them to at send their children to Adventure Club. It's something I've been concearned about for a while and see it a great Outreach program.

On the Stitching front, someone did send me the Dmc numbers for Bath Time so I hope to get that out in the next week or two and finish it off. Right now The Teacher is going like gang busters so I can't lay it down. I'll show a picture early next week you won't believe how fast it's going!

Oh I purchased Nautical Sampler from someone hoping I can do it for Love Quilts. If I can't for some reason will I have to start all over on the 50 challenge or because the intention was there and it is second hand not brand new it won't count against me? Well until next time Happy Stitching.


Isabelle said...

Happy birthday, pretty Whiskers! :)

Punkin said...

Happy birthday Whiskers.

Thank you for visiting my blog (needle to needle). Your comment was a bright spot in my day.

Lelia said...

Whiskers is a cutie! Even has a special spot on the cushion. Our cats seem to take over the best seats in the house.

Your teacher project is lovely. You accomplished a lot in 12 hours. I like the 'bath time', too. Nice to have somebody help out with the DMC color chart.


Meari said...

Happy Bday kitty!